Guide to Car Insurance 2020 in US

Guide to Car Insurance 2020 in US

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Guide to Car Insurance 2020 in US
How long is the car insurance?

Normally, auto insurance is valid for one year and following, automatically renewing itself for equal periods unless cancelled by either party. It is also possible to take out temporary insurance. Existing these in less supply, being more expensive due to the concentration of risk in a shorter period.

Is motor insurance valid abroad?
The validity of the contract abroad is confirmed by the Green Card. This is valid in California and in the other member countries of the Multilateral Convention indicated therein. The driver must verify that he has his Green Card valid for the entire period of the trip and for the states he is going to visit.

For countries that are not indicated, you can take advantage of the same optional coverages in force for

California, having to ask the insurer for a territorial extension in advance, paying, in most situations, an additional premium.

Can an insurer refuse a mandatory civil liability insurance contract?
Yes. However, if you are unable to accept mandatory insurance at least with three different insurers, you can claim each of them the Declaration of Refusal, which they are required to grant.

Then, contact the Service and Communication Department of the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority, which will inform which insurance company will be required to accept the insurance and the price that will be charged. Please note that insurers can only enter into or renew insurance contracts associated with vehicles approved in the mandatory periodic inspection.

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